General Gymnastics

Our general gymnastics programme is suitable for children who have never done any gymnastics before and for those who want to do gymnastics as a fun hobby to keep fit, without the pressure of competitions and events.

We group the sessions by age and then group by age/ability within the session.

We do have a club uniform for these classes, but it is optional and gymnasts may wear their own leotard/shorts to train in.

Day Class Time
Monday - Friday Under 8Yrs 16:30-18:00
Over 8Yrs 18:00-19:30
Saturday Under 8Yrs 13:00-14:30
Under 8Yrs 14:30-16:00
Over 8Yrs 14:30-16:00
Sunday 4,5 & 6Yrs 10:00-11:00
7,8 & 9Yrs 11:00-12:00
8,9 & 10Yrs 12:00-13:00
10,11 & 12Yrs 13:00-14:00
13+Yrs 14:30-16:00

During these classes, children work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme, where they earn a certificate and badge for each level they pass from level 8 up to level 1.

Once they have achieved level 1, they will begin to work towards the advanced award scheme and begin their bronze, silver & gold awards.

The children in these groups have the opportunity to take part in our club shows during the year. We do require participants in these events to wear either the club uniform or wear the club colours which are black & red. This is completely optional for beginner & recreational gymnasts.