(Roles & Responsibilities)

Name Responsibility
Dean Walters Head of Coaching
Amber Walters Head of Acro
Chris Tomkins Senior Acro
Val Ivanov Acro
Sarah Line Acro
Issy Hall Acro
Damien Walters Head of Tumbling
Richard Smith Head of FIG
Kate Turner Head of NDP
Demi Watkins Tumbling
Ted Barker Tumbling
Neil Swinson Tumbling
Kian Lloyd Tumbling
Victoria Turner Head of Artistic
Nikki Gallagher Artistic
Bella Naitta Artistic
Kayleigh Johnson Artistic
Chloe Jeffrey Artistic
Bex Turner Artistic
Simran Jandu Artistic
Alex Goodberry General
Ria Taylor General
Karen Watkins General
Rachel Wilson General
Assistants Amy Parsons, Francesca Stokes, Bethan Farley, Jessica Morley, Maddie Jones
Alistair Grey Trampolining
Ceri Grey Trampolining

Dean Walters - The managing director of the club with the direct responsibility for the day to day running of the business. Dean has been a full time coach for over 20 years and is also a British Gymnastics tutor and mentor.

Amber Walters - Director and Secretary for the club. Amber has been a full-time coach for over 10 years and helped develop gymnastics for Derby Council since 1997. In 1999 Amber became the head coach for Sports Acrobatics at the club and has helped develop gymnasts from leisure centre sessions through to becoming National Champions.

Damien Walters - Director for the club and also a former World Class Performance International Gymnast ranked 5th in the world. Damien has progressed from gymnastics to become a world renowned stunt performer and has featured in many Hollywood films. Damien has developed many gymnastics in the area of tumbling to become of world class level. See more of Damien on his youtube channel