Boxing Day has become the own football festival of the Premier League when the players are still playing normally to serve fans. Boxing Day is a traditional holiday in English speaking countries. Depending on the country, Boxing Day can take place on the first day, the second day before Christmas, or December 26.

In the UK, Boxing Day takes place on December 26. Residents of the fog considered this the second most important holiday, just after Christmas. Also because it is important, Boxing Day in England has a very special point. Instead of resting with family and relatives, players in the Premier League and lower divisions still play normally to serve fans.

Boxing Day is the specialty of English football

Although not being able to rest like colleagues throughout Europe, but not so that the matches reduce dedication and enthusiasm. The first match in England to take place on Gift Day was between Sheffield FC and Hallam FC in 1860.

Boxing Day is the specialty of English football

Over time, the soccer matches on the Gifted Day have gradually become a familiar feature in the background. culture in the land of fog. On this day, children often come to the yard in the best outfits they have just been given, and parents will wear Santa’s costumes.

More than two decades ago, there was a meeting to consider not organizing boxing Day matches and New Year’s Day. The reason is that the players are exhausted on this occasion. However, when voting, 90% of the members at the meeting disagree. Boxing Day is therefore still a “specialty” of English football.

MU has a very impressive record in Gifting Day

Boxing Day this year opened with Leicester City to welcome MU. This is a game that is expected to be very drastically predicted by both teams in the Top 4, and with a high form at the moment. However, the final victory is likely to belong to the red half of Manchester. Because in the era of the Premier League, MU had very impressive achievements on Boxing Day.