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English national football is no longer in the fear of a shortage of talents (Part 1)

Concerns about coach Gareth Southgate’s shortage of strikers in England have been resolved.

In May 2019, when looking at the statistics chart of English players with main positions in Premier League clubs, the Southgate coach felt insecure. He warned England could face a players crisis.

The big change of English football over the years

The 50-year-old strategist has reason to worry. Statistics made by the British Football Association have become alarm bells for the national team and Southgate’s successors.

18 months later, the chart that once worried coach Southgate suddenly increased. The percentage of English players winning the main kick increased to 35.3% in the 2019/20 season and reached 36.6% in the early 2020/21 season.

The rise of England’s talents has been of great help to coach Southgate

Coach Southgate’s worries are resolved. England is experiencing a period of an abundance of talent and is no longer living in the fear of a short supply of players for the national team. The generation of English players who won the main kick in the 2020/21 season is also relatively young. Their average age is 25.

The rise of England’s talents has been of great help to coach Southgate. The 50-year-old military rulers have many options when summoning personnel for the national team. During the team gathering in October, coach Southgate called 30 faces. More than half of these players have less than 10 games in the “Three Lions” shirt.

Coach Southgate’s plan is very clear. He wants to allow every player, to find the strongest framework for the national team.

New talents of English football

Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood, talents of English football, were not summoned to the national team for mistakes in September. James Maddison and Ross Barkley have not been recruited due to injuries. However, England still has many cards to replace.

There are many young talents in English national football team this season

Even Aaron Wan-Bissaka, one of the top quality defenders in the Premier League, has not been allowed to recruit. Wan-Bissaka plans to choose to represent another national team. Because, he has to face many opponents for the right-back position such as Alexander-Arnold, Kieran Trippier, Kyle Walker.

According to The Independent, each position in the England starting lineup has three cards for coach Southgate to choose from. This is proof of English football talent.

Top 10 football teams with the most fans in the world 2020 (Part 2)

6. Liverpool – 72.5 million fans

Twitter: 13.5 million

Facebook: 36 million

Instagram: 23 million

After successful seasons under Jurgen Klopp’s reign, The Reds attracted a large number of fans on social media over the past two years. Especially the 6th Champions League championship in history. The Premier League title 2019-20 can help Liverpool welcome more fans.

5. Chelsea – 82.2 million fans

Twitter: 13.9 million

Facebook: 48.2 million

Instagram: 20.4 million

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is very aggressive in the transfer market when he brings in many talented players from the world. After the 2004-05 Premier League championship, the half-green London team has always been a candidate for the championship tournament from that season up to now.

Chelsea is the favorite football team of many fans around the world

4. Juventus – 83.8 million fans

Twitter: 7.7 million

Facebook: 40.2 million

Instagram: 36 million

Before Cristiano Ronaldo came to Juventus, the Turin team had a strong fan base around the world. And when CR7 moved from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018, the number of fans of this team increased dramatically.

3. Manchester United – 127.5 million fans

Twitter: 20.9 million

Facebook: 73.2 million

Instagram: 33.4 million

Wherever in the world, Man Utd is always the most loved football team in the world. For those who don’t know football well, when asked about the team, they often refer to Manchester United as the first team in the crowd’s mind.

Man Utd is always the most loved football team in the world

The loyalty of the fans was a bit challenging when Sir Alex retired in 2013. Since that time the Red Devils have not achieved much success. But after all, they are still the richest team in England and 3rd in the world.

2. Barcelona – 217 million fans

Twitter: 33.6 million Facebook: 109 million

Instagram: 83 million

Barcelona is one of football’s most famous and traditional rich football teams in the world for its quality, finance, and fan base. The number of over 200 million followers on social networking sites is a terrible number that even large companies and corporations have to respect.

1. Real Madrid – 225 million fans (The team with the most fans in the world)

Twitter: 7.6 million

Facebook: 39 million

Instagram: 17.1 million

Despite losing Ronaldo, the Madrid team still maintains their position

Despite losing Ronaldo, the Madrid team still maintains their position and still has a successful season thanks to the La Liga 2019-20 championship. The success of the Champions League is an important factor to help Real Madrid own the largest number of fans in the world.

Above are the Top 10 football teams with the most fans in the world 2020.

Top 10 football teams with the most fans in the world 2020 (Part 1)

In each different time, world football events always have many changes. This also partly affects the number of football fans in clubs around the world. Many factors affect the number of fans, such as the player’s favorite transfer or the number of wins that the team won in the last season.

Here, we will synthesize the Top 10 most fan football teams in the world 2020 on social networking sites by the end of July 2020 according to statistics from Ace Football.

10. Man City – 63.7 million fans

Man City fans have risen sharply over the past decade following the successes in the Premier League. They are considered one of the most formidable teams in European football today, even in the 2018-19 season, they even won the domestic treble. If you play better in the Champions League, the number of Man City fans will increase.

9. Paris Saint-Germain – 67.25 million fans

Twitter: 349.6 thousand (Only in the English version)

Facebook: 39.7 million

Instagram: 27 million

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most-watched football teams on social media

Football fans are more interested in PSG because Neymar arrived at this team with a world record transfer value of 222 million euros in 2017. Also, the appearance of Kylian Mbappe helped PSG become a football team.

This is also one of the most-watched football teams on social media. In the past year alone, their number of followers on Instagram increased from 17.8 million to 27 million fans.

8. Arsenal – 70.2 million fans

Twitter: 15.5 million

Facebook: 37.7 million

Instagram: 16.7 million

Although they did not win tickets to the Champions League in the last few seasons, the London team is still present in the top 10 teams with the most fans in the world. Under Mikel Arteta’s reign, “The Gunners” always played well against the opponents in the Big 6 group last season. Thereby a hope that the team will soon return to the years at the peak of European football.

7. Bayern Munich – 70.9 million fans

Twitter: 1.1 million (Only in the English version)

Facebook: 37.7 million

Instagram: 16.7 million

Bavarian team is considered one of the most successful football teams in German

The Bavarian team is considered one of the most successful football teams in German football history. After the end of the 2019-20 season, “Gray Lobster” has the second time to win the historic treble. This achievement helps Bayern to have many fans supporting the home team with an average of 75,354 fans coming to the field to watch the Allianz Arena home matches.

Mane surpassed Ronaldo in the number of Premier League goals

Sadio Mane plays a hero to help Liverpool win Chelsea in the second round of the Premier League. The Senegal striker was the one who directly caused the opponent to play without people in the second half.

He broke the offside trap and accelerated to face Kepa forcing Christensen to use both hands to stop and receive a red card. After that, Mane scored both goals to help Liverpool win the second consecutive.

This stellar performance made Mane the third Liverpool player to double against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League. Before that, only Steve McManaman (December 1995) and Philippe Coutinho (October 2015) did the same thing.

Mane surpassed Ronaldo to score more goals in the Premier League

Sadio Mane overcame Cristiano Ronaldo in Premier League goals by scoring a double for Liverpool against Chelsea.

Mane forced Christensen to foul from behind and received a red card

The double against Chelsea also helped Mane increase his Premier League scoring record to 86, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievement at MU in the past. The two made 196 appearances, but Mane scored 2 more goals than the Portuguese senior.

Mane’s current record is on par with two other former Premier League players, Fernando Torres and Eden Hazard. Besides, Mane also leveled Torres’ Liverpool record when they both had 65 goals, ranking sixth in the club’s best strikers list in the Premier League.

Christensen received a red card for a foul

But the Senegal striker still has plenty of opportunities to increase his performance at the age of 28 and can play more years in the Premier League.

When Mane was just a goalkeeper in front of Kepa who went out of the box, the Senegal striker was embraced by Christensen from behind and fell into the field. Of course, Christensen had no chance to get the ball back in this situation. He reluctantly chose to make a foul.

Although referring to the VAR technology, it is not surprising that the Tierney referee draws a red card (instead of the previous yellow card) for the Danish defender for a foul in the situation where the opponent has a chance to score clear.

Liverpool enjoyed the free-kick in a very dangerous position but Trent Alexander-Arnold, who scored in both Premier League matches against Chelsea last season, could not make it difficult for Kepa.

Aubameyang extended his contract with Arsenal

The Gabon striker signed a new contract, with the Emirates team until 2023. Aubameyang has been the mainstay of Arsenal’s attack line in recent seasons.

On the evening of September 15, Arsenal’s home page posted notice of reaching an agreement to extend the contract with striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Gabon striker joined Arsenal in the transfer window in winter 2018. Up to now, he has 111 appearances and scored 72 goals in the colors of the Emirates Stadium. His first season in England, Aubameyang won the Premier League Golden Boot title with 22 goals. He still maintains his form and is the number one striker of “Gunners”.

Last season, Aubameyang had 29 goals in 44 appearances in all competitions for Arsenal. He scored twice against Chelsea in the FA Cup final, contributing to bringing the championship to teachers and coaches Arteta. He was also the owner of the goal against Liverpool before “Gunners” beat “The Kop” in the penalty shootout to win the Community Shield.

In the transfer window this summer, Aubameyang is pursued by many big clubs such as Barca, Real Madrid, Inter Milan … However, the Gabon striker decided to stay at the Emirates Stadium after a long period of negotiations on a new contract. Under Coach Arteta, Arsenal is expected to be revived to regain his status in the Premier League.

Refusing to Barca, captain striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signed a new three-year contract with Arsenal.

Aubameyang signed a three-year contract with Arsenal, until 2023

According to Sportsmail, the new contract of Aubameyang helps him receive a basic salary of 322,000 USD per week. Adding bonus terms based on achievements, Gabon striker can earn 483,000 USD a week. This money will help him become Arsenal’s highest-paid player, surpassing Mesut Ozil. Ozil currently receives $ 450,000 per week.

According to TalkSPORT, Aubameyang could receive $ 77 million in salary and bonus in the next three years of his contract with Arsenal. Arriving at Arsenal in January 2018 from Dortmund for a record 72 million USD, Aubameyang scored 72 goals in 111 games for “Gunners”.

De Bruyne overcame many teammates to win the PFA Player of the Year award

Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne became the first Man City player to be honored by the Professional Footballers Association of England (PFA).

De Bruyne won by overcoming teammate Raheem Sterling and four Liverpool players including Virgil van Dijk, Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Sadio Mane. The good news came to De Bruyne a few days after his wife gave birth to her third child.

Previously, De Bruyne also received the award for the best player in the Premier League 2019-2020.

De Bruyne missed most of the 2018-2019 season due to injury. But he came back strong. The Belgian international has caught up to the record 20 assists in the Premier League that Thierry Henry set 17 years ago. However, in the sublimation season De Bruyne, Man City only won the League Cup. They lost to Liverpool in the Premier League and were suddenly eliminated by Lyon in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

De Bruyne threatens Thierry Henry’s record

Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne wants to break the assist record in a season that Thierry Henry has set in the Premier League.

Henry’s record, the legendary Arsenal striker, was 20 assists in the 2002-2003 season. De Bruyne’s best, meanwhile, is 18 times the 2016-2017 season, equal to the achievements of Cesc Fabregas in the 2014-2015 season and Frank Lampard’s performance in the 2004-2005 season. Mesut Ozil interspersed with 19 passes in the 2015-2016 season.

De Bruyne is the expert in bringing the ball to a favorable position for his teammates to score.

This season, before the Premier League postponed due to Covid-19, De Bruyne had already owned 16 goals – three more than Henry’s record, while the season had nine rounds left.

In the situation that the Man City midfielder mentioned, the ball from his foot hit another player to change direction, before Raheem Sterling scored. That is why it does not count as an assist to De Bruyne – who won the King of assists in a Bundesliga season while at Wolfsburg.

De Bruyne has never won the Player of the Season award in England. When Man City won the Premier League the last three times, the players who won the individual titles all came from Liverpool: Luis Suarez, Mohamed Salah, and Virgil Van Dijk.

Top 5 best Premier League rookies in 2019/20 season (Part 2)

Bruno Fernandes has contributed shoes to 15 goals for MU in the English Premier League after only 14 appearances (7 goals, 8 assists). This achievement is the best in the league and only behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at the same time in the top 5 leagues in Europe.

He was the first MU player since Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2007/08 season to win the Player of the Month award for the second time in a row in the Premier League. Fernandes has played an important role in helping MU finish the season in 3rd place in the Premier League and win tickets to the Champions League next season.

Midfielder Mateo Kovacic (Chelsea)

Under Sarri, midfielder Mateo Kovacic was one of the important factors. The star was born in 1994 more than 50 times in the 2018/19 season, which helped him to be bought by Chelsea. The Blues paid £ 40 million to sign the Croatian player from Real Madrid. This contract is also effective.

Mateo Kovacic was a regular choice in the squad under Lampard, he contributed 2 goals and 3 assists in the Premier League. The 26-year-old star is also heavily involved in the play of the London team, he shows that he is worth the money the Stamford Bridge team spent.

Striker Raul Jimenez (Wolves)

Last season, Raul Jimenez played for Wolves on loan from Benfica. The star was born in 1991 and played extremely well, he caused “Wolves” to spend up to 34 million pounds to buy himself. This contract has brought about maximum effectiveness.

In the 2019/20 season, Raul Jimenez exploded, leading the list of “Wolves” in the English Premier League with 17 goals and 6 assists. If counted in every arena he has 26 goals and 10 passes into the table.

Raul Jimenez deserves to be one of the best strikers in the Premier League at the moment, he is currently in the sights of many big teams. Juventus, Barca, or Tottenham accept up to 60 million pounds to buy 29-year-old players.

Top 5 best Premier League rookies in 2019/20 season (Part 1)

The Premier League 2019/20 season has officially ended. Now, let’s have a look through the list of the best rookies this season.

Defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka (MU)

Last summer, MU spent £ 50 million to recruit defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace. The English player quickly integrated and shined brightly in the Red Devils shirt. The first season at MU, Wan-Bissaka played 44 times on all fronts, including 35 times in the Premier League.

The English star is Solskjaer’s coach No. 1 in the right-back position, he stands out for the tackles. According to statistics, the star born in 1997 made up to 129 tackles, the most league. Last season, in the shirt of Crystal Palace, Wan-Bissaka also had no rivals in this statistic.

In addition to the ability to tuck the ball Wan-Bissaka also has 67 slices and 60 shots in the Premier League this season, he is one of the best right defenders in the league at the moment. Wan-Bissaka also gradually improved his offensive support, he closed the 2019/20 season with 4 assists.

Goalkeeper Dean Henderson (Sheffield)

Last season, Dean Henderson played in Sheffield shirt on loan from MU, although impressive, but he was not given the opportunity at Old Trafford. The star born in 1997 continued to play for Sheffield on loan, and he continued to have a booming season.

Dean Henderson has kept 13 clean sheets in the Premier League this season, making a big contribution to making Sheffield one of the best defensive clubs in the league. With his impressive form in the past two seasons, Henderson is expected to become a counterweight to David de Gea next season.

Midfielder Bruno Fernandes (MU)

In January this year, MU decided to spend 80 million euros to buy midfielder Bruno Fernandes, of which 55 million pounds were paid immediately, the rest depends on the contributions of the Portuguese player. The player born in 1994 did not take much time to prove his ability.

How does Liverpool receive the Cup after the match against Chelsea?

The new Premier League king will receive a medal and lift the Cup at Anfield. This will happen immediately after the match against Chelsea on July 23.

The Cup lifting ceremony will take place on The Kop stand. This is the most famous stands at Anfield. Legendary Kenny Dalglish will award the medal to the players before captain Jordan Henderson wins the title.

Liverpool is building the podium in glory between The Kop. Surrounding the area are banners made by Liverpool fans themselves.

The match between Liverpool and Chelsea took place in the penultimate round of the Premier League. Liverpool has completed the task in the season, but Chelsea is in desperate need of points to stay third. Leicester City and Man Utd are four points behind them, but playing less than one match.

Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students have won the English Premier League title since June. However, they have not been able to celebrate the title with the fans. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the teams to play in an empty stadium.It also forced fans to watch from afar, avoiding crowds.

When Liverpool had enough points to take the throne, hundreds of supporters poured into the streets to celebrate the victory despite the warning. Many people gathered overnight at the harbor, leading to criticism by the club itself and the city mayor.

How did Liverpool receive the Cup amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

Because of Covid-19, Liverpool had to follow the unprecedented rules of the Premier League after the match against Chelsea.

Without fans coming to celebrate at Anfield, Liverpool will hold a sound and light show on the occasion of returning to the English football throne after 30 years of waiting.

They have set up the stage in the stands and the players will stand scattered in this area during the ceremony. The rest of the yard will be turned off, followed by a light show, on the soundtrack of the song A Sky Full of Stars by Cold Play.

According to Athletic, each Liverpool player is arranged in one area on the stage, so that they can be spaced apart for most of the ceremony. Only when captain Jordan Henderson holds the Cup to lift it can the players get closer.

The pressure of Man Utd to win over Southampton in Premier League

With Manchester City attending the European Cup, Man Utd will have to win all four rounds to secure the top 4, from today’s match against Southampton.

If you have to choose the team that is most affected by the penalty of banning Man City from attending the European Cup, the name that appears first and only sure is Man Utd.

The reason is not only the “Red Devils” ranked fifth in most of the 2019-2020 season, meaning that you can automatically attend the Champions League if the opponent is penalized, but also by the completely opposite style of Ole’s teachers and students. Gunnar Solskjaer before and after the incident.

The situations

Before February 14, the time UEFA issued a notice to punish Man City. Meanwhile, Man Utd was in a series of bad matches. In the League Cup, they were knocked out of the semi-finals by Man City himself. In the English Premier League, “Reds” fans were severely eroded by a three-match winning streak. This included two embarrassing defeats with the same score 0-2 against Liverpool and Burnley.

Rio Ferdinand, after losing to Burnley, complained that the old team had nothing to justify poor performance. Paul Scholes even hinted that fans should forget this season, then wait for new recruits in the summer of 2020.

But then the penalty of Man City appeared. Three days later, Man Utd responded positively on the pitch. Despite controlling the ball 39% and finishing with half of Chelsea, Solskjaer’s teachers and opponents defeated 2-0 at Stamford Bridge.

Three full points helped Man Utd climb to seventh place, closing the gap with Chelsea ranked fourth to three points. Hope to participate in the Champions League in Old Trafford, because if the penalty of Man City upheld, ranked fifth “Reds” also return to Europe’s number one playground.

That belief was extended by Man Utd with a series of positive results after that. Along with the arrival of Bruno Fernandes and the return of Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, the 20-time Premier League club is the best team in the fog after Covid-19. From the top 4 points six points before the penalty of Man City, they stand the opportunity to jump to third, the team ranked fourth by two points, if they beat Southampton.

Because Chelsea still has to meet the new Liverpool king. Leicester also has to face Tottenham and Man Utd in the remaining three rounds.