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Things you should know about Wimbledon in the UK (Part 2)

The format of Wimbledon can be said to be the most severe in the Grand Slam. If the last set two players tie, do not play tie-break, but have to fight when they buck to 2 new games. That’s why on June 24, 2010 the players John Isner and Nicolas Mahut ended the match lasting 11 hours and 5 minutes. The match started on June 22 and ended only two days later with the final set score of 70 – 68 in favor of Isner.

Wimbledon is known not only as the tournament with the highest prize in the world but also a very luxurious tournament. All players are required to wear white and no advertisements printed on the costumes. Particularly, female tennis players were forced to wear skirts and greetings with the Royal style swing.

When the Queen of England or the British Crown Prince attends, the players must bow to pay their respects.

Little boys and girls picking up balls

Each year about 250 boys and girls pick up balls used to serve at Wimbledon. Each court usually arranges 6 people: 2 people on the 2 sides of the net and 4 people in 4 corners of the yard. The average age of a ball boy is about 15 years old and only serves from 1 to 2 prizes will be replaced by someone else.

Before being recruited, candidates will have to undergo a number of tests. Including fitness tests, as well as flexibility in each situation. There are also tests about some of the basic rules of tennis.

Rest Sunday

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament to have a holiday between semi-finals and finals, and that holiday usually takes place on Sunday, people also call it a “middle Sunday” day.

Traditionally, the tournament will start on Monday and will last for 13 days, then take a Sunday break and proceed to the finals the next day. Only exactly 3 years, Wimbledon was forced to use Sunday to play tennis players due to the weather. That was in 1991, 1997 and 2004.

Things you should know about Wimbledon in the UK (Part 1)

Wimbledon, the most prestigious Grand Slam tournament and also the oldest tennis tournament in the world with 143 years of age.

Born in 1877, Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament on the pitch. Previously, there was an Australian Open on the field, but due to the difficult climate to maintain the grass during the tournament, since 1988, Australia has moved to play on hard courts.

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield was the one who gave birth to tennis in 1875, which he initially called it very difficult to remember Sphairistike. Walter quickly popularized this subject and racket players were the most eager to participate in training.

Wimbledon quickly got their first tournament just 2 years after it was invented. The first year final had about 200 spectators to witness. By 1937, Wimbledon’s charisma surpassed many other sports to dominate and that was also the year these five tennis tournaments were broadcast live across the UK.

In 1924, Wimbledon introduced a competitive seed arrangement system, which has been maintained ever since. Accordingly, 128 players will participate in the men’s singles, 128 women’s singles, 64 men’s doubles, 64 women’s doubles, and 48 doubles will compete in the mixed doubles.

Wimbledon has 19 stadiums in total. In particular, the No. 2 arena is known as the Place to bury the seeds. Many of the top seeds of the tournament have been dropped on this stage.

Despite its early birth, Wimbledon didn’t open the door until 1968. It was this open era that marked the overthrow of the UK players by names from neighboring Europe. It was not until 2013 that Andy Murray won the Wimbledon championship. This made him become the first UK player to be crowned since opening.

There are 3 players and 7 times crowned Wimbledon men’s singles

William Renshaw, Peter Sampras and Roger Federer. In the women’s event, Czech tennis player Martina Navratilova has won 9 times. Navratilova is also a great female tennis player, winning 18 Grand Slam singles, 31 Grand Slam doubles women. She was second only to Steffi Graf, the German tennis player. Also, she was the greatest player of the 20th century with 22 Grand Slams in her career.

Tennis 2020 – an abandoned season without the Grand Slam

Rafael Nadal, former world No. 1, worried that this year’s tennis season was really over by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and admitted he was focusing on his goal at the Australian Open next year instead of tournaments this year.

Roger Federer played tennis in the snow with a wall while Serena Williams confided in the anxiety she was feeling. Those were some of the first reactions from players when a series of tournaments was canceled because of Covid-19.

ATP and WTA events were suspended until at least mid-July, with Wimbledon canceled and Roland Garros. Previously, Nadal had won a record of 12 titles in this tournament. Roland Garros was postponed until the end of September. Nadal, however, said he was not sure if the leagues could still go as expected.

An abandoned season

Nadal is giving his spare time to charity to help those in need and has teamed up with fellow NBA star Pau Gasol in a project to support food and useful items for more than 1.3 million. people all over the country. Spain has become one of the European countries most affected by the pandemic.

Not every country is as stable as Germany

In another development, German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday issued a notice allowing the operation to gradually return to sports. Accordingly, the first tennis tournament to take place after the pandemic was also in Germany itself.

Ms. Merkel had a meeting with 16 of the country’s state leaders. This meeting to discuss whether to expand or loosen restrictions on social separation. But tennis was pre-approved in three of the 16 states, including the Rhineland-Palatinate, where the Tennis Point Series Exhibition was held.

The person behind the tournament is Rodney Rapson, PlaySight’s managing director in Europe and the United Kingdom, the video system that provides live footage of the event. Rapson is a friend of Tennis Point star, former world No. 64 Dustin Brown and the couple – along with PlaySight’s partner Sportradar – have been discussing plans since the ATP and WTA events were delayed.