Liverpool suffered four consecutive harsh decisions that made them drop the victory over Brighton in injury time.

Liverpool only drew regret against Brighton in the 10th round of the Premier League. They have up to 3 times to put the ball in the opponent’s net but only recognized Diogo Jota’s goal in the 60th minute. Both Salah and Mane’s goals were denied for offside.

Salah offside the toe part at 34 minutes

It is worth mentioning that, the referee must rely on the help of VAR technology to determine the offside error. Salah just offside the toe part, and Mane reached his upper body down and down the Brighton defense.

The offside mane was quite clear in the 83rd minute

But not only was denied 2 goals, but Liverpool also suffered 2 penalties in the match against Brighton. 19 minutes, Neco Williams tried to chase the ball, but failed and stopped and pushed Aaron Connolly down.

Maupay missed the penalty against Liverpool

The foul situation is clear, so the referee does not need to use the help of VAR technology to blow the penalty. However, Neal Maupay shot the ball out of the way, causing Brighton to miss the chance to open the score.

Neco Williams knocked Aaron Connolly in the 19th minute

But until the 90 + 3 minute, Pascal Gross made no mistake to kick Liverpool’s net and set the score 1-1. In this situation, Andy Robertson is only a little slower than Welbeck, so he misses the ball and hits the toe of his opponent’s shoe in the penalty area.

Robertson shot into Welbeck’s toe in the 90th minute

The referee did not see this small collision situation clearly, but Welbeck complained and asked to be rechecked using VAR technology. As a result, Liverpool suffered an injustice penalty in injury time and a regretful victory.

The most unlucky player in Liverpool’s match against Brighton

Neal Maupay was the unlucky player in Liverpool’s match against Brighton. Besides, Mohamed Salah was later denied a goal due to VAR. Brighton striker Neal Maupay spent a memorable day against Liverpool with a missed penalty kick before starting due to an injury.

Maupay had to leave the field due to injury

Also, Maupay became the third Premier League player to miss the penalty spot completely this season after Kevin De Bruyne and Ivan Cavaleiro. However, Brighton also had an escape in the first half when Mohamed Salah was blown offside by VAR, leaving the goal unrecognized.