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Boxing Day Premier League – the football festival of the Premier League

Boxing Day has become the own football festival of the Premier League when the players are still playing normally to serve fans. Boxing Day is a traditional holiday in English speaking countries. Depending on the country, Boxing Day can take place on the first day, the second day before Christmas, or December 26.

In the UK, Boxing Day takes place on December 26. Residents of the fog considered this the second most important holiday, just after Christmas. Also because it is important, Boxing Day in England has a very special point. Instead of resting with family and relatives, players in the Premier League and lower divisions still play normally to serve fans.

Boxing Day is the specialty of English football

Although not being able to rest like colleagues throughout Europe, but not so that the matches reduce dedication and enthusiasm. The first match in England to take place on Gift Day was between Sheffield FC and Hallam FC in 1860.

Boxing Day is the specialty of English football

Over time, the soccer matches on the Gifted Day have gradually become a familiar feature in the background. culture in the land of fog. On this day, children often come to the yard in the best outfits they have just been given, and parents will wear Santa’s costumes.

More than two decades ago, there was a meeting to consider not organizing boxing Day matches and New Year’s Day. The reason is that the players are exhausted on this occasion. However, when voting, 90% of the members at the meeting disagree. Boxing Day is therefore still a “specialty” of English football.

MU has a very impressive record in Gifting Day

Boxing Day this year opened with Leicester City to welcome MU. This is a game that is expected to be very drastically predicted by both teams in the Top 4, and with a high form at the moment. However, the final victory is likely to belong to the red half of Manchester. Because in the era of the Premier League, MU had very impressive achievements on Boxing Day.

Liverpool scored the earliest in the Premier League after 6 years

Liverpool scored the earliest away goal in the Premier League after six years in the match against Crystal Palace thanks to Takumi Minamino. Liverpool only needed more than 2 minutes to find the opener against Crystal Palace when Takumi Minamino finished just before the 5m50 round from Sadio Mane’s assist line.

This 125th-second strike was Liverpool’s earliest away goal in the Premier League since November 2014 when Rickie Lambert reached the opponent’s net after 90 seconds against Crystal Palace himself at Selhurst Park.

Minamino scored his first goal for Liverpool in the Premier League

For the Japanese player, it is interesting that on this day a year ago, he signed a move to Liverpool, and now scores his first goal for a new team in the Premier League.

Minamino scored his first goal for Liverpool in the Premier League

Minamino only needs 125 seconds to score

Thanks to the aforementioned goal, Liverpool is the only football club to score in every Premier League game this season (14), equal to the match in the 2001/02 season and behind the record 27 games in the 2019/20 season.

Salah set a memorable milestone for Liverpool in more than 30 minutes

Mohamed Salah set a memorable milestone for Liverpool after coming as a substitute in the 14th round of the Premier League win over Crystal Palace.

Mohamed Salah only needed more than 30 minutes on the field to participate directly in Liverpool’s 3 goals against Crystal Palace. He replaced Sadio Mane in the 57th minute when the score was 4-0 in favor of Liverpool.

But Salah and his teammates did not play to keep their strength and still made the most of the opportunities available to score 3 more goals. He participated directly in all three of these goals with 2 goals and 1 assist.

Salah created for Firmino to score 5-0

This impressive performance helped Salah become the first player to enter the substitution field and take part directly in three Liverpool goals in a Premier League match.

Salah scored a double at the end of the match for the first time the Salah, Mane, and Firmino trio scored in a Premier League match since January 2019. Meanwhile, Liverpool also won against Crystal Palace.

Salah made a super product to set a 7-0 victory for Liverpool

Besides, Salah also rose to the top of the Premier League scoring list this season with 13 goals. Currently, the performance of the duo Salah and Firmino is 18 goals, just behind Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman (24 goals) in one season.

The achievements of MU vs Man City before the round 12 of the Premier League

History of confrontation MU vs Man City. Updated historical information against MU vs Man City before round 12 of the Premier League 2020.

Welcoming Man City in the Manchester derby, “Red Devils” want to win to ease the pain of being kicked out of the Champions League. Meanwhile, coach Pep Guardiola’s team also aims to pocket 3 points to cling to the leading group.

In the last time receiving the neighboring team, MU with the sublimation of conductor Bruno Fernandes had a triumphant song with a score of 2-0. The two players to score the home team are Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay.

Before this match took place more than a month, “Red Devils” also excellently defeated the green knockout Man 1-0 at Etihad when the two teams met in the second leg of the League Cup semi-finals.

Man City has lost the last 2 times to meet MU

Although the aforementioned victory could not help Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and students to register their names in the final (losing 1-3 in the first leg), it showed how big MU players’ determination and desire to beat Man City.

Man City has lost the last 2 times to meet MU

If taking the milestone from the first meeting in 1881, the two teams have met a total of 182 times. MU is the dominant team with 76 wins, 52 draws, and 54 losses. In the Premier League, MU and Man City had 46 matches, in which “Red Devils” had 23 wins, 8 draws, and 15 losses.

Wayne Rooney is the striker to score the most goals in the Manchester derby. Before saying goodbye to Old Trafford in 2017, the striker born in 1985 had 11 times against Man City.

However, Rooney’s achievements may soon be overwhelmed by Sergio Ag├╝ero, because the Argentinian has scored 9 times against MU, most recently in the 12th round of the Premier League 2018/19.

4 harsh decisions that made Liverpool lose the victory over Brighton

Liverpool suffered four consecutive harsh decisions that made them drop the victory over Brighton in injury time.

Liverpool only drew regret against Brighton in the 10th round of the Premier League. They have up to 3 times to put the ball in the opponent’s net but only recognized Diogo Jota’s goal in the 60th minute. Both Salah and Mane’s goals were denied for offside.

Salah offside the toe part at 34 minutes

It is worth mentioning that, the referee must rely on the help of VAR technology to determine the offside error. Salah just offside the toe part, and Mane reached his upper body down and down the Brighton defense.

The offside mane was quite clear in the 83rd minute

But not only was denied 2 goals, but Liverpool also suffered 2 penalties in the match against Brighton. 19 minutes, Neco Williams tried to chase the ball, but failed and stopped and pushed Aaron Connolly down.

Maupay missed the penalty against Liverpool

The foul situation is clear, so the referee does not need to use the help of VAR technology to blow the penalty. However, Neal Maupay shot the ball out of the way, causing Brighton to miss the chance to open the score.

Neco Williams knocked Aaron Connolly in the 19th minute

But until the 90 + 3 minute, Pascal Gross made no mistake to kick Liverpool’s net and set the score 1-1. In this situation, Andy Robertson is only a little slower than Welbeck, so he misses the ball and hits the toe of his opponent’s shoe in the penalty area.

Robertson shot into Welbeck’s toe in the 90th minute

The referee did not see this small collision situation clearly, but Welbeck complained and asked to be rechecked using VAR technology. As a result, Liverpool suffered an injustice penalty in injury time and a regretful victory.

The most unlucky player in Liverpool’s match against Brighton

Neal Maupay was the unlucky player in Liverpool’s match against Brighton. Besides, Mohamed Salah was later denied a goal due to VAR. Brighton striker Neal Maupay spent a memorable day against Liverpool with a missed penalty kick before starting due to an injury.

Maupay had to leave the field due to injury

Also, Maupay became the third Premier League player to miss the penalty spot completely this season after Kevin De Bruyne and Ivan Cavaleiro. However, Brighton also had an escape in the first half when Mohamed Salah was blown offside by VAR, leaving the goal unrecognized.

How are the rankings of the football clubs after 8 rounds of Premier League?

Aston Villa and Sheffield United’s position on the rankings are surprises after eight rounds in the Premier League 2020/21.

Last season, Liverpool owned the best defense in the Premer League when they only received 33 goals. After 8 rounds in the Premier League 2020/21, Liverpool received 16 goals. The defending champions are conceded just below Leeds United and West Brom (17 goals).

Coach Juergen Klopp constantly complains about Liverpool’s defensive ability. However, this is the season “The Kop” has bad luck because of a series of defensive pillars. Virgil van Dijk is more likely to end the season because of a ligament rupture. Fabinho was pulled back to the center-back but injured. Trent Alexander-Arnold was injured in the last match against Man City. Recently, Joe Gomez extended the list of Liverpool’s sick.

Manchester City had a slow start to the season this year. With Man City, they won 12 points after 7 games and ranked 10th. In Pep Guardiola’s career as a manager, he and the team never started so badly in the domestic league. Man City dropped the score in 4/7 matches, including a bad 2-5 home defeat against Leicester City.

Man United is worse than Man City

Man United is worse than Man City when only 10 points after 7 matches, ranked 14th. This is a strange season when all Premier League clubs are down to form. MU ranked 14th, but there was one game left. If he wins the remaining match, MU is only 3 points behind the top 4 and the situation of Solskjaer teachers and teachers is not irreversible.

The rankings of the football clubs after 8 rounds of Premier League

In the Premier League 2019/20, Aston Villa waited until the final round to successfully relegate. This season, Aston Villa surprisingly won 15 points to rank 6th and has one game left. On October 5, Aston Villa created a seismic with a 7-2 win over Liverpool. In the last match on 9/11, Aston Villa defeated Arsenal 3-0 at Emirates.

In the summer of 2020, Sheffield spent more than 60 million euros to recruit recruits. They brought in Rhian Brewster (26 million euros) and Aaron Ramsdale (20.5 million euros), but the achievement is disappointing.

Not Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, or Sergio Aguero, who is leading the scoring list is Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The Everton striker had 8 goals in 8 games, equal to the performance of Son Heung-min. Calvert-Lewin’s excellent performance once put Everton at the top of the chart. However, Everton ran out of breath in recent matches and fell to 7th place.