Rafael Nadal, former world No. 1, worried that this year’s tennis season was really over by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and admitted he was focusing on his goal at the Australian Open next year instead of tournaments this year.

Roger Federer played tennis in the snow with a wall while Serena Williams confided in the anxiety she was feeling. Those were some of the first reactions from players when a series of tournaments was canceled because of Covid-19.

ATP and WTA events were suspended until at least mid-July, with Wimbledon canceled and Roland Garros. Previously, Nadal had won a record of 12 titles in this tournament. Roland Garros was postponed until the end of September. Nadal, however, said he was not sure if the leagues could still go as expected.

An abandoned season

Nadal is giving his spare time to charity to help those in need and has teamed up with fellow NBA star Pau Gasol in a project to support food and useful items for more than 1.3 million. people all over the country. Spain has become one of the European countries most affected by the pandemic.

Not every country is as stable as Germany

In another development, German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday issued a notice allowing the operation to gradually return to sports. Accordingly, the first tennis tournament to take place after the pandemic was also in Germany itself.

Ms. Merkel had a meeting with 16 of the country’s state leaders. This meeting to discuss whether to expand or loosen restrictions on social separation. But tennis was pre-approved in three of the 16 states, including the Rhineland-Palatinate, where the Tennis Point Series Exhibition was held.

The person behind the tournament is Rodney Rapson, PlaySight’s managing director in Europe and the United Kingdom, the video system that provides live footage of the event. Rapson is a friend of Tennis Point star, former world No. 64 Dustin Brown and the couple – along with PlaySight’s partner Sportradar – have been discussing plans since the ATP and WTA events were delayed.