6. Liverpool – 72.5 million fans

Twitter: 13.5 million

Facebook: 36 million

Instagram: 23 million

After successful seasons under Jurgen Klopp’s reign, The Reds attracted a large number of fans on social media over the past two years. Especially the 6th Champions League championship in history. The Premier League title 2019-20 can help Liverpool welcome more fans.

5. Chelsea – 82.2 million fans

Twitter: 13.9 million

Facebook: 48.2 million

Instagram: 20.4 million

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is very aggressive in the transfer market when he brings in many talented players from the world. After the 2004-05 Premier League championship, the half-green London team has always been a candidate for the championship tournament from that season up to now.

Chelsea is the favorite football team of many fans around the world

4. Juventus – 83.8 million fans

Twitter: 7.7 million

Facebook: 40.2 million

Instagram: 36 million

Before Cristiano Ronaldo came to Juventus, the Turin team had a strong fan base around the world. And when CR7 moved from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018, the number of fans of this team increased dramatically.

3. Manchester United – 127.5 million fans

Twitter: 20.9 million

Facebook: 73.2 million

Instagram: 33.4 million

Wherever in the world, Man Utd is always the most loved football team in the world. For those who don’t know football well, when asked about the team, they often refer to Manchester United as the first team in the crowd’s mind.

Man Utd is always the most loved football team in the world

The loyalty of the fans was a bit challenging when Sir Alex retired in 2013. Since that time the Red Devils have not achieved much success. But after all, they are still the richest team in England and 3rd in the world.

2. Barcelona – 217 million fans

Twitter: 33.6 million Facebook: 109 million

Instagram: 83 million

Barcelona is one of football’s most famous and traditional rich football teams in the world for its quality, finance, and fan base. The number of over 200 million followers on social networking sites is a terrible number that even large companies and corporations have to respect.

1. Real Madrid – 225 million fans (The team with the most fans in the world)

Twitter: 7.6 million

Facebook: 39 million

Instagram: 17.1 million

Despite losing Ronaldo, the Madrid team still maintains their position

Despite losing Ronaldo, the Madrid team still maintains their position and still has a successful season thanks to the La Liga 2019-20 championship. The success of the Champions League is an important factor to help Real Madrid own the largest number of fans in the world.

Above are the Top 10 football teams with the most fans in the world 2020.