On the evening of October 30 (Hanoi time), Liverpool confirmed that Virgil van Dijk had successfully operated on a fractured knee ligament.

Liverpool declined to reveal Van Dijk’s return date. On Sky Sports, physiotherapist Andy Renshaw confirmed that the Dutch midfielder’s injury was a serious one. Van Dijk will retire from 7-9 months after surgery. If this information is correct, the 2020/21 season will end with Van Dijk.

Van Dijk was injured during his high form

Van Dijk suffered a serious injury in the Liverpool match with Everton 2-2 in the Premier League on October 17. In the area of ​​16.5 meters, Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford fiercely blocked Van Dijk. Van Dijk’s right knee was sandwiched between Pickford’s legs, resulting in serious injury.

Van Dijk suffered a serious injury in the Liverpool match with Everton 2-2 in the Premier League

Van Dijk was withdrawn from the field in the 11th minute. After the game, coach Juergen Klopp predicted that this was a very serious injury for Van Dijk. The results of the MRI scan showed that Van Dijk had a ligament ruptured and required surgery.

Van Dijk’s injury led to a series of crises for Liverpool’s defense. Before that, Joe Matip could not play. Coach Klopp patched the defense with Fabinho, but the Brazilian was injured. At this point, coach Klopp only has one true midfielder, Rhys Williams. Williams is only 19 years old and has no experience in the top game.

When Van Dijk was absent, Liverpool played steadfastly, continuously winning Ajax 1-0, Sheffield 2-1, and Midtjylland 2-0. On November 1, Liverpool faced West Ham in the Premier League.

Pickford hired a bodyguard after the mach with Van Dijk

The English goalkeeper has to hire a bodyguard to protect his family after receiving threats because the ball caused Virgil van Dijk to break ligaments during the match Merseyside derby.

In the Merseyside derby with Liverpool on October 17, Jordan Pickford had a dangerous ball that caused Virgil van Dijk to leave the field early. The Dutch defender was later diagnosed with a broken knee ligament and was at risk of leaving the season. Pickford faced many criticisms, especially after the English goalkeeper did not have to receive any penalties.